Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lions, and Tigers, and Supplies, Oh MY!!!!!!!

It's hard to believe that it's already school supply time!  I went to Target and could hardly believe all the teacher goodies that are out there!  I am sure you all know how Target is.  You go in meaning to buy "just a couple of items" and you leave having cleaned out your bank account.

I really admire the people that can go in and only buy what they need.  Target is like crack, or Pringles.  Once you pop, you can't stop!  I just look around, especially the dollar spot, and the corners of my vision get all blurry, sweet melodies play in my ears, and it's just me and the items.  I really do think they sing to me.  (I know I am a little delusional.  It's okay.)

So I have gone to the dollar spot at Target the past two weeks, really hoping to find these dry erasers I get there every year.  I love these things.  They don't take up space in pencil boxes or desks, and they work great with individual dry erase boards.  But, it seems Target has let me down.  No one seems to be carrying my favorite item this year.   I think I am going to end up paying twice as much on Amazon.  They are not the exact same, but I like that they are magnetic.

But, as I said, I walk into that dollar spot and the siren's song starts.  Those dollar deals call out to me.  "Libby.... Libby... Buy me!  Buy me!" they sing.  My vision goes glassy and I begin to reach.   I pick things up not even knowing what it is.  I load up my basket, because I REFUSE to get a cart, and then continue to walk the isles.  I pick up a few other items I just HAVE to have, pay for my stash, and leave.  It's only when I get home that I think to myself, "What in the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks was I doing?  What did I go in there for?  Crap!  I forgot that ONE thing I went in there for!"  So it just means another trip back.  Bad, Bad news.

So, here are some pictures of my haul this time around.  

 I liked this one because I keep hoping to get up the nerve to Periscope.  Maybe some day, but not today.

 These books were $1.00 each.  I was liking that.  I'm always looking for nonfiction to add to my library.

 Originally I picked up five of these red tubs, but the foggy haze that I go into at the dollar spot wore off as I was picking up toilet paper, and I put four back.  I really only needed one for my guided reading desk.  I have ones with holes in them for the student tables.

 I don't consider myself a "cutsie" teacher.  I don't normally put up "cute" things.  I have a superhero theme in my classroom, and I made sure to use movie versions of superheroes instead of the cutsie cartoon sets.  Don't get me wrong.  Those are adorable, but I come from an upper elementary/middle school background where I would have been taken out back and shot if I had the cute cartoon ones.  I am just now adjusting to the fact that I can be cute instead of dry or sarcastic.

 I saw these and fell in love!  We teach parts of the plant and plant adaptations.  They are teeny clay pots that supposedly have a flower in each.  I figure I will go buy seeds, just in case the seeds are bad in these.  Really, I bought them for the pots.  

Uh... dinosaurs that grow with water?  Seriously?  LOVE!  Yup, I'm learning to be cute.

So, there it is.  My haul from the dollar spot.  After seeing what other teacher bloggers purchased, I am kind of rocking in my chair wishing I could go back and buy more.  Maybe next week.  The weekend is here, the family is going on a mini-trip, and I have put my debit card on lock-down.  **sigh**

Until next time Target...


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